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S-75: What are skin tags?

What are skin tags?      Medical terms: Acrochordon, cutaneous papillomas, fibroepithelial polyps

These small hanging excess (overgrowth of cells)  pieces of skin are usually benign, “not catchy” and  harmless.  Skin tags have a base and stalk. Actually considered a certain type of non-cancerous tumor.  Please never attempt to remove them yourself!   I will always advise you to either see a dermatologist or your primary physician to confirm that the growth is actually a skin tag and to remove them..  Although very small they can bleed a whole lot and this can actually invite infection!  The good thing is that they are easy peasy to remove. Most commonly found in the folds of your skin: chest, underarm, face, neck, back, under breasts,  groin, buttock folds and sometimes even on the eyelids.  Whether you have one or several skin tags you already know that they -really-don’t hurt but can be irritated by clothing. If you notice that a skin tag is  growing rapidly, bleeding or different colors consult with a medical practitioner. Depending on the amount of skin tags AND if they are visible to others they can affect a person’s sense of self confidence.

Next two episodes we concentrate on:

1.  What causes us to have skin tags? 

2.  How will my skin tags be removed and will it hurt?    

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Please Use Your sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND! Soooooo important in your skincare!


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