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S-756: Electrolysis with Rose Prieto of Beauty & Brow Lounge

Welcome to our Fall 2019 Guest presentation Season! Our opening guest presentation by Rose Prieto of Beauty & Brow Lounge sharing the topic of Electrolysis. Thank you dear Rose for sharing your expertise and time. Welcome to our community!

To continue the conversation you can reach Rose at: http://www.beautyandbrowlounge.com/ 

Connect with Rose on Twitter too! https://twitter.com/BeautynBrowGirl



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2 thoughts on “S-756: Electrolysis with Rose Prieto of Beauty & Brow Lounge

  1. Hello Cieloscent, I just want to say I so enjoyed you having Rose Prieto. I have know her for several year’s now she’s so full of knowledge on all aspects of skin and permenanet makeup.As a permenanet makeup artist myself for the last 5 year’s I have got the opportunity to met Rose she knows her stuff.
    Thank you for informing us on all subjects of skin and how it can react to products. I love to listen to you and love your voice 🙌🏻💞 Anita Haines. Long time listener. From Kentucky

    1. Hello Anita! It’s very nice to meet you. We were absolutely honored by the presence of Ms. Rose Prieto! Wow, 5 years! Congrats Anita! Thank you for sharing your kind words and for listening to my podcast! It’s always a delight hearing from the listeners! Do you have a website Anita? If you have a website home, I’d love to read your blog. Once again, thank you for placing a smile on my face! Continued success to you! All the best!!! Cieloscent

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