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S-769: How To Name Your Skincare line- Estheticians Talk shop

How To Name Your Skincare line On Estheticans Talk Shop. Thank you Dr. Teri - “, Teri Love Advanced Skincare” for sharing your lovely story!  It’s nice to meet you!  Continued success to you! Cieloscent/Holistic Skincare Educator.  / Artist Craig Dourmashkin.



5 thoughts on “S-769: How To Name Your Skincare line- Estheticians Talk shop

  1. Dear Cieloscent…I just listened to this beautiful podcast…it touched me so much I cried. I am so grateful that you used my story as inspiration for your audience. I am honored. Wishing only great things for you and the skin care creators who are embarking on sharing their wonderful products with the world…with love & gratitude…Teri Dourmashkin/Teri Love Skin Care

    1. Dearest Teri-Thank you for the passion that you share with the world through the expression of your brand! You are no stranger to green beauty and it shows! You are an inspiration! I wish you continued success in all you do! It is fabulous to meet you, dearheart! Sending blessings of love, light and peace- Cieloscent

  2. I have to say I am oh so truly touched from your pod cast. I am the artist Craig Dourmashkin. To tell you truth I never really pay attention to how someone feels or thinks about my art as it is a personal journey for them. But you sharing our journey brought tears to my eyes. Art is meant to heal and spread truth and love. Whatever a person gets out of it is a gift.
    A quote from Carita Kent, a former nun turned artist/teacher, “Art is meant to alert people to things they may have missed.”
    I think that says it all.
    Thank you so very much for this experience.
    Visit my website for more.
    All my best
    Craig Dourmashkin

    1. Craig, thank you for your kind words and for allowing me to share your beautiful heartfelt work. Yes, art is indeed a personal journey for each of us. It is a true gift when one person can stir the heart of another through their artistic expression. It is a privilege to share your work! Thank you for allowing us to share your painting on our website. Be well & happy! Cieloscent

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