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S-77: How are skin tags removed?

How will my skin tags be removed and will it hurt?    

1.  Cut/Clip:  I know this sounds scary already but not to worry they (quite often) numb(lidocaine) the area first. A Gretel scissor is used so leave it to the professional to cut your skin tag off.  The doctor cauterizes the base to stop bleeding, bandage is placed and instructions for wound healing care given.

2. Freezing/Cryotherapy :  Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the tissue.  Cryotherapy can also be used on eyelid area but treatment may be administered by Ophthalmologist.

3. Electro-Cauterization/burn:   Certain medical challenges may be a contraindication for this form of treatment. Always advice doctor of any medical conditions. This procedure entails burning the cells of the skin tag. The area to be treated is numbed with a local anesthetic. A heated needle is tapped onto skin tag. The tag cells are burned and removed. Bandage applied and care instructions given.

Show Notes from previous episodes on skin tags:

What are skin tags?      Medical terms: Acrochordon, cutaneous papillomas, fibroepithelial polyps

These small hanging excess (overgrowth of cells)  pieces of skin are usually benign, “not catchy” and  harmless.  Skin tags have a base and stalk. Actually considered a certain type of non-cancerous tumor.  Please never attempt to remove them yourself!   I will always advise you to either see a dermatologist or your primary physician to confirm that the growth is actually a skin tag and to remove them..  Although very small they can bleed a whole lot and this can actually invite infection!  The good thing is that they are easy peasy to remove. Most commonly found in the folds of your skin: chest, underarm, face, neck, back, under breasts,  groin, buttock folds and sometimes even on the eyelids.  Whether you have one or several skin tags you already know that they -really-don’t hurt but can be irritated by clothing. If you notice that a skin tag is  growing rapidly, bleeding or different colors consult with a medical practitioner. Depending on the amount of skin tags AND if they are visible to others they can affect a person’s sense of self confidence.

What causes us to have skin tags? 

Possibly genetics (unclear by experts) but most likely caused by friction. Skin tags are usually the color of your skin but can be red or dark if blood supply is cut off.  Aging can  play a big part in skin tags due to hormonal changes.  Sometimes those who are overweight or women who are pregnant (hormonal changes) may experience these small skin growths. Individuals with Crohn’s disease and type ll diabetes may have an increase in skin tags. The use of steroids may also encourage the growth of skin tags.  A member of my family accidentally pulled off his skin tag when it caught to a thread on his shirt.  Lucky for him no infection but other than that skin tags are permanent until you have them removed. There really isn’t a medical reason to remove them so most insurances won’t cover the expense.  If it is irritating your skin then speak with your private physician.

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