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S-808: Managing COVID-19 Anxiety with Our guest Lisa Hutchison, LMHC

Lisa Hutchison, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor, writing coach and bestselling author of I Fill My Cup: A Journal for Compassionate Helpers. She works for compassionate professionals who feel drained after their helping efforts find practical ways to refill and recharge their energy. Lisa combines life coaching with psychotherapy to teach you energy awareness and management skills. Help yourself to a FREE gift-8 Simple things that Release Chaos from your life now! Learn more about her journal I Fill My Cup here: YouTube video of affirmations for health and wellness:

Here is another podcast from Lisa Hutchison, LMHC on anxiety-

Here is the link that we mentionedĀ  of Creative Visualization:


Here is Mental Wellness strategies during COVID-19 on Cieloscent Talk Radio.

Cieloscent Motivation Moments Podcast (Innate Empowerment)

Cieloscent Rosary (Faith Based community)





2 thoughts on “S-808: Managing COVID-19 Anxiety with Our guest Lisa Hutchison, LMHC

    1. Hello Lisa! Your presence is always a gift and blessing! Thank you dear Lisa for the fabulous tips! They will help us to navigate through the emotions attached to the stress of COVID-19. Thank you Lisa! Be safe and well dearheart! Cieloscent

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