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S-83: What does my GUT have to do with my SKIN?-

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The secret to great skin is consistency followed by a KISS (keep it simple skincare, my darlings!) If you keep your skincare simple you will do it everyday. Thank you for joining me today.  If you wish, please join us in our other podcasts: Cieloscent Rosary (faith based) and Cieloscent AUDIO Book & ASK Cieloscent.

So what does our gut have to do with our skin?  EVERYTHING! In fact all of your organs are affected by your gut. This can be a long and complicated topic but let’s make it easy peasy.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body so the gut feeds it too.  Think of it this way, your gut is feeding your skin.  So what does that mean? You must have a clean diet by consuming nutrient rich foods.  This means removing all sugar (substitute too) other than that from fruit (eat fruits in moderation). Focus on anti-inflammatory foods to combat premature aging.  Include Probiotic supplementation for your “gut” which  is often referred to as your “second brain”.

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A little gut health 101: We all have a tube that begins with our mouth and reaches its destination at the anus. My friends that is your gastrointestinal tract in a nut shell. Sounds simple? NOT! We need to “baby” our gut because from the time we ingest our food to it exiting our body lots of things are happening. So that also means that lots can go wrong.  Our very best protection is watching the foods we consume. What ingredients are hidden in the foods that you eat that can create havoc within your gut? What does our gut do?  It is all knowing and powerful as far as what you eat because it needs to process what you consume moment to moment.    The foods that we eat such as processed foods in our grocery carts to those consumed at fast foods have  many ingredients that destroy the health of our gut throughout the day.  One of those that you should consider investigating is the MSG in your foods because most of it is loaded with it. What’s MSG? It’s a glutamate ( a single amino acid) and it’s found in all foods containing protein. Glutamate in its natural form works well in our body.  Our body knows exactly what to do with it-so what’s the problem?  When we ingest all this excess glutamate in our diet it becomes a  toxic environment and we begin to damage important components in our body that keep us healthy.

What to eliminate:

1.  Read your labels:   Anything that says modified or hydrolyzed (modified corn starch), glutamic acid, gelatin, etc.

2. Drink Water! Please don’t drink tap water.

3. Add probiotics: Your intestines have these wonderful beneficial bacteria but certain foods destroy them so we need to add the probiotics to keep the good bacteria in our system. Please take probiotics on an empty stomach. It should have   20-30 billion per capsule of this “good” bacteria.  Make sure that it says: Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS1 this is the strain that you are looking for. It should not include: diary, wheat gluten, corn or soy.

4. Sugar feeds the “bad bacteria” in your gut.  Eliminate Sugar from your diet.

4. Avoid pasteurized milk so avoid the yogurt in the stores.

5. Increase fiber- Consume more organic vegetables because this feeds your good bacteria and kicks” bad gut” bacteria out of the way!

6.  Moderate exercise

7.  Meditate: Connect to your gut through meditation.

Please consult with your medical practitioner before adding a new health regimen.  This information is designed to ignite you to continue your own research and partner with your Physician.

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