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S-830: Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil. This is a lovely oil for all Skin types most especially mature or dry skin.  It is a balancing oil and a great healer because it rejuvenates the skin. Always skin patch test and consult with your dermatologist AND Medical Doctor.  .

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2 thoughts on “S-830: Carrot Seed Oil

  1. Good morning
    Can you recommend a brand? I did some looking and found so many conflicting types. Some are “queen anne’s lace” others are essential oils and the colors are not what you described.
    I really would love to add this oil to my jojoba, rose hip blend.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Dianne! Thank you for reaching out to me and for listening! I appreciate your presence in our community! Yes, here are some options for you:
      Online 1. Mountain Rose Herbs
      2. Leven Rose
      At Whole Foods an authorized distributor- “1000 likes Cosmetics”. Show episode #833 has a product review and you can find the direct links to all three in my show notes.
      Your blend sounds fabulous! Keep me posted and let me know which one you decided upon! It’s very nice to meet you Dianne and thank you for being part of the Skincare Talk Radio family!

      Be well & happy!

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