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S-86: Go Green by cleansing your face with oils.

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I just adore my face oils!  There are so many to choice from and that’s what makes oil cleansing so wonderful.  You skin will let you know which oil it enjoys most. The secret to using oils is knowing how to use them and today I’ll share my secrets!  Listen to my podcast for complete message on how to use these fabulous oils. Great for acne-oil dissolves oil!

1.  Organic Coconut oilYummy! I truly enjoy using  Organic coconut oil on my skin! It has so many beneficial properties that assist in the healing of the skin regardless of your challenge.   The power can be found in the 12-carbon atom chain length -lauric acid  which stomps on bacteria and viruses even fungi! This is what is referred to as a medium chain fatty acid which is considered a healthy fat and easily absorbed into the body. Fabulous moisture without anything harmful!  If you use fake eyelashes coconut oil helps remove the glue left over.

Use it for your entire body!

2. Organic Castor Oil: draws the impurities directly out of your skin for a truly clean feeling-Cleansing and exfoliating in a natural and gentle fashion.    Castor Oil is anti-inflammatory which makes it great in fighting pre-mature aging and healing acne. Castor oil can be quite drying so be sure to mix with another oil.  

3. Olive Oil– contains incredible antioxidants that your skin will love! Polyphenols-one being hydroxytyrosol.

Acne:  If you suffer from acne sometimes those “over the counter” products worsen your skin challenge by clogging your pores. You truly need your natural oils to keep your skin healthy and many of these products on drug store shelves strip you of these oils and the heavy laden chemicals in these products further irritate your skin.

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  1. Hi my name is Sylvia I have been listening to your podcast for about four months now I thank God for guideing me to you I love your way of taking care of the skin I have been using oils on my skin and hair for about two years and I love it will you please talk about African American skincare I will be listen thank you and keep up the good skincare May God Bless you and your skin Love you Sylvia

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