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S-89: Skincare For Extremely Dry Hands

Let’s talk about the steps that can be taken to avoid painful chapped hands. If your hands are extremely dry on a consistent basis consult with your medical professional to clear you of any other possible causes. If you are a medical professional or someone who is constantly sanitizing your hands then you may want to add some of the following products to your hand washing:  Listen to today’s podcast for entire message:  Thank you for listening

-No Hot water

-Sunscreen:  Use it! It will help you avoid those nasty “age/sun spots” and  will prevent dryness.

-Go Green for your hands.  Use products that are gentle and as “green clean” as possible.

-Avoid products known as surfactants (Toxic for humans and the environment): Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)  used in products that need to suds up like soaps, detergents shampoos and EVEN toothpastes. Yuck! Soap is the most common of surfactants.

-Choose your hand sanitizers carefully and add a little jojoba oil in your solution for extra protection.

Skincare Talk Radio by cieloscent Product Recommendations:

1-  All Terrain Natual KidSanz Sanitizer with Aloe and vitamin E 8oz

2-  All Terrain Terra Sport SPF 30-Oxybenzone free natural Sunscreen or Badgers Sunscreen

3.  Borage Therapy Advanced Formula.  Great product for extreme dryness
4-  Drink water and keep hydrated.  if winter keep a humidifier in your room. Wear gloves when washing dishes and when going out in the cold weather.
5-  Coconut oil, Borage oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, vitamin E, etc.  Add your favorite oil to organic castor oil.
6-  Ask your specialist  (esthetician) for a paraffin wax alternative.
7-. Cocoa Butter stick the most useful and effective product that you can add to your skincare!
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Thank You Ms. Sylvia for your lovely comment and suggestion on ethnic skincare.  

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