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S-98: Psychodermatology-The Mind And Skin Connection.

What happens when the traditional medical approaches are not working to alleviate a persistent skin challenge? “Life events affect our skin” cieloscent-  Yup! Even in happy upcoming events, if you are a touch nervous you may wake up with a zit!  Emotional stress depending on how high and how long will determine the severity of any type of skin condition. Elevation of stress hormones greatly effects our skin so implementing stress management techniques is vital most especially if the problem has been ongoing for some time. We -in the skincare industry-all play an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin.  Your first consultation should always be with your Primary Physician who in turn will refer you to a dermatologist, if further specialized assistance is required.

We can all help our skin age gracefully by managing our stress levels.  What does all this mean? That we’ve gotta work for it by taking those extra little steps.  At times, coming outside of our comfort zone and addressing what truly is aging us from within is a good start.  There are times when we are just going to need a little help.  So I ask you, is there a mind -skin connection?  Have you ever heard of Skin Shrinks? Psycho-dermatologist are doctors who focus on both the psychological and the Physical causes of our skin conditions.   Listen to our complete podcast in learning the certain steps that can help in the healing of certain skin conditions. Thanks for joining me today.

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