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S-128: Skincare Professional and The Esthetic Student

Skincare Professionals/Esthetic Students

I recently visited a well known spa and I made observations that I want to share with you. Thank you for listening to today’s podcast for complete conversation.

Things to remember when providing service to the skin/spa client-

1. Respect the client’s privacy. If there are other people simply call by first name and don’t mention service.

2. Respect the client’s time.

3. Don’t wear perfume or heavy scents.

4. Don’t chew gum. Use a breath freshener before each client especially after eating.

5. Consultation form with each visit.

6. Clean, short and well-manicured nails. No nail polish preferably.

7. Clean uniform and no open toe shoe.

8. Treatment room should be clean and ready for your next client.

9. Don’t be chatty and use a gentle and calming voice.

10. Don’t add anything to a skin treatment that the client has not agreed to during consultation.

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