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S01: Welcome To My Very First Episode!

Welcome to my very first episode of Skincare Talk Radio, where the focus is on the “mature” skin for both men and women. I have designed this show with your questions in mind. I became interested in Oncology Esthetics and Mature Skincare, while completing-the state required– 600 hours of training. 

Each Week, we will address your questions in depth and offer you possible solutions. It is my sincere hope that you find my radio program, encouraging and most especially helpful.


Let’s begin with our very first question:

How do I know if my skin is considered “mature?”

It truly depends on the condition of your skin.  I have known individuals in their 30’s with skin damaged by the sun which added ten or more years to their face. In general, men in their forties and up and women in their menopausal years are considered “mature skin”.  This is primarily due to the fluctuations of hormones during these years such as :

  1. Progesterone
  2. Estrogen
  3. Androgenic
  4. Testosterone 

Many individuals begin to experience dull and thin skin, formation of lines, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin.

On Next week’s episode we will target :

Mature Skincare for Women and the following week: Mature Skincare for men. 

Step by step suggestions on the proper skincare routine for each episode. In addition, I will include organic homemade skin care recipes right out of your kitchen cupboard! Hey! Great idea, we will call it, “Kitchen Cupboard Skincare” segment.  How’s that?  Okay, there you have it, a little introduction on what you can expect with each show.  Thank you so much for sharing your time with me. 

Please feel free to email me your skincare questions. Use your sunscreen, drink your water and Remember that Great skin begins from within.  

Make it a great week!




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