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S12: Considering A Bird Poop Facial?

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Pampering to ease the stress is certainly inviting and great for those who can afford an over $200 facial but what if your treatment consisted of bird poop? Yes, I said bird poop-actually this is nothing new. Bird poop facials originated in Japan.  Geishas used lead based white makeup and as a result a variety of skin conditions arose. It was discovered that nightingale droppings actually soothed and whitened the skin.  The removal of  theatrical makeup was easy to remove which further encouraged the use of”bird poop” in their beauty regiment.  In Japan, the droppings are harvested in “nightingale farms” making it a controlled environment. The birds are fed a special diet consisting of organic seeds. The nightingale dropping is dehydrated and then sanitized via UV light to make product bacteria free. Next, it is grounded into a fine white powder and then rotated in a special container for 18 hours.  After all this, it is ready to be sold and distributed as a beauty aid. Rice bran is added as an exfoliating agent and to control any odor.  The white powder is mixed with water making it a paste and then massaged into the skin.

The entire facial will take approximately one hour and can run anywhere from $180 to 225.00.


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