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S31: Male Waxing.


It’s not just a “woman” thing anymore people! Waxing is for -almost- anyone who desires it.  Certain medical conditions do not allow it.  This is why you MUST have a consultation each time prior to a waxing session. People with varicose veins, diabetes, acne, infections, rashes, poor circulation, cancer therapy,  HIV positive and those using keratolytics such as Retin-A or any other cream medication should avoid waxing. If your skin is broken or if you are on any type of antibiotic wait until your wound has healed and you are off medication. Did you know that antibiotics may influence the pH-(potential hydrogen) value of your skin? Normal: 5.0-6.0.  Do not drink coffee, smoke  or consume alcohol prior to waxing this will make your skin very sensitive. In all waxing procedures area will be cleaned and baby powder/corn starch will be used to keep areas dry. There are lots of hairless gentlemen walking among us ladies. There has been an amazing demand for men to wax even their unmentionables.  Men bodybuilders have been removing their hair for years. Did you know that the “bikini” or male “Brazilian” version waxing  is on the rise for the gentlemen?  There still are women out there who insist on their man being hairy.

Why?    Men who work outdoors in the summer or in a hot environment find it more comfortable without the excess hair.  Personal  hygiene and for esthetics is another reason.  Maybe because it is the “trendy” thing to do for some. Male grooming is taken quite serious and this includes manicures, pedicures, facials, spa and yes waxing.  Men want to look clean neat, and attractive especially when at the beach and of course naked. One of the reasons why men and women prefer waxing to other hair removal  because it will last longer..  Time between waxing sessions vary but generally three to seven weeks depending what hair you are removing.

What?    Some men wax everything! Brows, nose, ear,  chest, back, underarms, legs, bikini, Brazilian, and some men include between waxing  between the cheeks.  Yup! You did read last one correctly and we will talk about all of these types of waxing.


Brows: I suggest tweezing instead.  There are lots of “brow bars” that will create a more natural look than waxing but the choice is yours.  The skin technician will prepare the skin by cleaning the area first by removing any excess oil and dirt. Before waxing he/she will trim just a bit and brush your eyebrows to define shape.

Nose and ear waxing: Hurts!  Hard wax is used which hardens very fast.  Skin Technician uses what will look like a long stick with wax at the end.  The lobe and inside of the ear is done. Did i say it hurts.

Chest, back, underarms and legs:  The Hot wax is applied.  A long muslin strip is placed and removed quickly.  If you are wondering if  the technician applies wax to your nipples-yes. Sometimes your underarm bleeds so make sure you keep it clean.

Bikini, Brazilian and between the cheeks waxing:   Hard wax is used.  You should never have your genitals (penis and scrotum) waxed but as you know many do anyway.  Make sure you exfoliate the night or a few days before and get a numbing cream and apply it before your waxing session.  Ask skin technician about this when making your appointment.  Take an pain over the counter medication such as Advil to reduce the pain.  Yes, of course it hurts but you do get use to the pain as time goes by.  Any missed hairs will be tweezed.  The skin technician after procedure should apply an ingrown hair inhibitor. Use it at home as well between services two -three times a week.   Between the cheeks (I know you are wondering) removes the hair around the pubic area, buttocks and the edges of you bvtt cheeks or inside.  It’s up to you how much hair to remove in this area.  By the way, the Brazilian removes the hair from the bikini line, genitals, buttocks and between your cheeks. Yup! So there you have it for our skincare conversation right here at skincare talk radio.  I hope that you have found this helpful? Please feel free to email me your questions or perhaps share your waxing experience with us.  thanks again for joining me today. make it a great day. Check us out on twitter and Also on:  Stitchers, Tunein, and Spreakers radio.

Be well and happy.



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