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S38: How To Use Olive Oil As A Moisturizer


Softens Skin especially on the rough patches such as your heels or elbows. These areas sometimes go unattended and they can get very dry too. Use Olive Oil as a face cleanser. Olive Oil is an anti inflammatory which is great for smoothing out wrinkles.A wonderful make Up remover!  Mix it in with Castor Oil. The yummy nutrients in Olive Oil have a cellular renewing power.  Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which keep those free radicals that cause aging. Two Tablespoons everyday is not only great for your skin but also adds health benefits and improves memory too.

One of the best lip conditioners so use this instead of over the counter chemical laced products. Olive Oil actually penetrates the skin and prevents sagging due to the squalene which  brings forth a gorgeous glow and keeps your skin well-toned.Rub Olive Oil on those stretch marks along with the coconut butter that we talked about yesterday!  Powerful combination to minimize stretch marks.

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