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S40: UVB rays, SPA week And Motivating Moments.

In our last podcast, I shared an additional Ultraviolet Ray -C- and this is absorbed by our ozone layer so it does not penetrate our atmosphere. We called UVA rays having “long” arms meaning that it has a long wave.  UVB has a short wave and this is the one that likes to burn.  If you are out in the sun too long UVB rays will give you a  sunburn. We are now entering the cooler weather and UVB rays weaken BUT you still have to wear your sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays.  UVB rays are responsible for cancer too.  UVA and UVB  are the damaging duo that you need to protect yourself from 365 days a year.  This is why it is not enough to apply sunscreen only in the morning and expect to be protected all day.  Sunscreens are regulated as -over the counter (OTC) drugs by the United States Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Remember:  UVA will AGE you quicker and UVB will give you a sunburn.  UVB rays will burn and are considered to be more of a carcinogenic than UVA.  These rays however do not penetrate through our windows as do UVA.    Listen to episode S39 and learn how to protect yourself.


Spa Week is an event that takes place twice a year within many fabulous spa locations throughout North America. Specifically, in April and October. This an opportunity to enjoy a special treat at one of those fancy spa locations and all for $50.  Yup! the spa’s offer 2-3 services that you can choose from and enjoy for $50.  Spa Week  runs from  October 20-26, 2014 and you can visit: and simply enter your location and then choose the SPA that calls to you! A wonderful retreat at an incredible price!

Skincare Talk Radio Introduces “Motivating Moments” Just For You. 

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
Eleanor Roosevelt-

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me today.   I truly enjoy spending  this moment or two with you.



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