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S47: How To Manage Upper Lip Shadow.


In Summary Show Notes:  (Please listen to show for complete message-NOT all information written on show notes).

The annoying upper lip shadow that makes you look like you have a mustache! It’s gotta go…!  Yes, not the most flattering feature of your face but you are not alone.  So let’s look at some alternatives on how to manage this skin challenge. Mostly every woman has taken a look at her upper lip and at one time or another and has noticed at least one hair too many.  Certain skin types are certainly more prone to the shadowing of the upper lip.  In the skincare industry we have a chart that determines your skin type.  You may have heard of it, the Fitzpatrick Scale and it’s based on certain inherited features and your reaction to the sun.  Let me run through these quickly:  (You can hear them during show program). The skin type most prone to the upper lip shadowing or any form of hyperpigmentation  is Type 2 and above but most especially types 3 & 4.

CAUSES OF UPPER LIP SHADOWING: (Please listen to show for full details)

1.  Have you noticed ever since you have started waxing your upper lip that the area is beginning to darken?

2.  Do you use hair removing cremes on your upper lip?  Are you plucking your upper lip?

3.  Do you smoke?  Yes, smoking darkens your upper lip, lips and yellows teeth.  (not preaching here-just the facts).

4.  Threading?  Well, interesting thing about threading is that it does not “darken” upper lip but may give the appearance of a mustache over time because the “hairs” grow in a bit thicker than before.  In threading, hair comes in less or just stops growing in certain areas.

5.  Medications.  Are you taking a new medication?  Are you taking birth control pills?

6.  Sunscreen.  Do you use sunscreen?

7.   Are You Pregnant? The pregnancy mask will involve your lip area.

8.  GOT Menopause? Hormonal changes can encourage thicker hair growth and  and darken your skin.

HOW TO MANAGE UPPER LIP SHADOWING? (Listen to show program for complete message)

1.  Consider laser therapy.  Do your research with the types of laser therapy that best suit your skin! Can be a costly venture and you want to seek a qualified operator to perform laser therapy (permanent hair removal).  Keep in mind, that sometimes hyperpigmentation may actually occur as a result of certain laser therapy procedures!

2.  Stop waxing!  I know this may not make me a popular skincare therapist but your upper lip will be grateful that you followed this advise. Did you know that it also creates wrinkles due to all the pulling of your skin (not good at all nor pleasant).  Stop using the hair removal cremes too!  Hyperpigmentation is inflammation as a result of a skin injury.  There is an increase in the melanin production and this is what causes hyperpigmentation. .

3.  Consider threading because you will be able to manage the hyperpigmentation of your upper lip.

4.  USE YOUR SUNSCREEN especially around your upper lip.  SPF 30. Protect this area.  Baby it!  Melanin production is triggered by sunlight so it naturally wants to protect you from harm by producing more pigments.

5.  Consider adding antioxidants to your diet through supplements and add Folic acid by adding more vegetables.  Drink your water.

6.  Visit a skincare therapist at least once every two months if budget an issue.  I think when one has acne or hyperpigmentation challenges that this is where your skilled skincare therapist can help you manage this skin challenge.  If budget is not an issue then twice a month would be great for your skin.

7.  Check out any side effects that your medications may have that darken your skin.

8.  Use Do it yourself  (check out my DIY programs)  skin lightening treatments.   They work but take time and consistency is key to seeing improvement.

9.  By the way, exfoliate for hyperpigmentation too!  Everything to minimize or eliminate hyperpigmentation areas are all those  things we do every day.  All these deposits into your skin work together for a better “skin”.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Please listen to our show for complete message.

Be  well and happy.



4 thoughts on “S47: How To Manage Upper Lip Shadow.

  1. Hello NY it the Jersey Girl in SC the Esthetics Student at Institute of Beauty Artistry. I just enter to share with you I am going for my Sugaring Certification with Simply Sugar this weekend. Alternative to waxing using Organic Cane Sugar and Lemon Juice and Distilled water. Will keep you posted!!

    Your a blessing my friend and I listen to you every week day while I’m working.

    God Bless you I am learning Soooooo much

    1. Hey Jersey Girl! Wow, sounds awesome! Oh Yes, please share with us your experience.You must share ‘sugaring Certification” with us. We can create a show all about your experience. Have Fun! I will be waiting to hear from you the “skinny” on Sugar wax. So nice to hear from you! Talk to you soon. Thanks for sharing!
      I truly appreciate it. Sending smiles your way! Cieloscent-

  2. “4. Threading? Well, interesting thing about threading is that it does not “darken” upper lip but may give the appearance of a mustache over time because the “hairs” grow in a bit thicker than before. In threading, hair comes in less or just stops growing in certain areas.” Hi, I thought that only happens with shaving, over a long time and even at that really just a little bit thicker, not as much as stated by the misconception, but waxing, threading and any tweezing method shouldn’t, in theory, as they take off the entire follicle temporarily and hair has a chance of even thinning out, as you say as well.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Antony! Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate it! We had a wonderful guest that shared her fabulous expertise in electrolysis. Please feel free to go through our podcast directory for our conversations on hair removal. Choosing the “right” hair removal treatment is a personal decision and not an easy one. Permanent hair removal is the best option in the long run but not always in ones budget. All the best to you! Nice to meet you! Thank you for listening! Be well & happy! Cieloscent

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