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S48: Evening Skincare Routine For Men.


1. Wash Your hands first before touching your face.

2. Wet your face with lukewarm water-EVER so slightly on the cool side.

3.  Apply a cleanser in a circular motion to remove all of dirt and grime from the day. Cleanse morning and evening.

4.  You can use a small brush or clarisonic unit.  . Make sure your face is  wet when using clarisonic.

5.  Use baby soft hand towels and pat dry.  hand towels are your best friends in skincare! Use it and toss it in the laundry bin. Always use a clean hand towel. It is so easy to build up “yucky” mold and bacteria on towels hanging around in the bath.

6.  Pat dry your skin! Please don’t rub your skin off.  Be gentle.

7.  Men, you are constantly exfoliating your skin when you shave but you want to get other areas of your skin too.  I recommend that once or twice a week that you use a coarser hand towel and gently exfoliate your skin. You do this by applying your favorite cleanser on the hand towel and in a circular motion cover your entire skin (except your eyes) .  The towel becomes your scrub. Be gentle.   If you prefer you can make your own scrub to remove dead skin cells. ( Listen to message for recipe).

8.  You can spray a little witch hazel with Aloe Vera -Alcohol-free by Thayers. Be careful of your eyes or simply apply with a cotton pad. You can find this toner at whole foods or any vitamin store.

9.  Apply your moisturizer.  Make sure that you select one without the sunscreen because you don’t need it at bedtime. Less chemicals on your skin the better.  Consider using Borage Oil Moisturizer by Shikai- if you have dry skin.

10.  Optional:  You can use a very small amount of pure vitamin E around your eyes for nutrition in this area.  Use a small amount.  It is rather heavy and your eye area is sensitive. You can use this 1-2 per week.

There you have it!  A simple way for our men to take care of their skin too.

Skincare Talk Radio News:  Consider creating a basket or set for your man with all the ingredients needed for his skincare. Include a sunscreen for daytime wear. Sephora has lots of kits right now at a good price-check them out. Macy’s is also running online specials on Clinique skincare kits for men.

Skincare Talk Radio Motivating Moment: We are all aging and all the cosmetic surgery or Bvvffotox can’t stop the aging clock from ticking.  Yes, it’s true that we can prevent premature aging but we all reach the same destination in that gravity wins out at the end.  If you identify ONLY with your outer beauty you will feel lost later in life.  Nourish the beauty from within and cherish it.  The beauty within you will keep you young forever.


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