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S51: Menopause And Skincare


Your body is a busy place during menopause and that includes your skin. What’s happening? Testosterone – hormone– is taking over which enlarges pores therefore increasing more oil causing adult acne around your jaw line.  Notice more hair where it doesn’t belong? Blame testosterone!  You notice a thinning of your skin, sagging, wrinkling,  dryness and itchiness too!  The hormones in your body are shifting bringing discomfort and changes in the skin such as hyperpigmentation( especially around the mouth area)  and for some acne.   As we age we produce less collagen (most important protein in your skin)  which gives our skin that youthful healthy glow.  The elasticity and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is vital  so that may call for adding additional products in our skincare regiment.  Our skin changes because of hormonal shifts most especially the drop in estrogen.  We spoke in our last show the importance of strong  collagen and elastin fibers so building these should be a goal in aging with grace. We  accomplish this in several ways:

1.  Your Lifestyle: matters!  Great skin begins from within.

Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen everyday!  Drink your water and limit coffee, tea, soda and alcohol.  Consider taking supplements (check with your Medical Doctor) if your diet is food on the go.  Clean up your  diet. Eat “clean” food such a veggies and fruits.  Exercise can be a a nice walk or bike riding but do something where you are motivating your body to remain strong and healthy.  Reduce your stress levels by meditating or even just taking a nap during the day. Have fun! Laugh!l

2. Skincare

I saw an ad the other day for a skincare line designed especially for the” “woman of menopause”.  Let me share a secret with you right now: there is no special skincare regiment to follow other than adding a few new products into what has been working for you now and some lifestyle changes. You are your own unique skin type and you determine what your skin is craving and feed it what it needs. A skincare therapist is an added bonus during this time because 1. it is a relaxing experience and 2. The skincare Therapist  will teach you how to take care of your skin. During this time, no woman is alike in their experience with menopause.

a.  Cleanse your face twice a day. Use what is appropriate for your skin. The less chemicals the better!

b.  Exfoliate:  You activate and encourage the new skin cells found at the bottom of your epidermis to surface to your outer skin.  You also encourage blood  circulation: bringing blood to feed your skin and to clean up through the blood vessels.  Careful with exfoliating- although important – I am not always a fan because most people overuse scrubs and are not always gentle with their skin when applying it.  It is vital to help shed the dead layer of skin cells but do so with care.

c.  Moisturize: We want to seal the water in especially during this time.  It’s important to use products that mimic what our skin should be doing for us during menopause. I still love using coconut oil straight out of our kitchen cupboard!

4.  SUNSCREEN every single day!  Badgers is a nice brand to use with less chemicals that most sunscreens  carry.

5.  Extra Tips:

a.  Up your antioxidants by the foods you consume and applying topically to your skin.

b.   Stay away from products that have FRAGRANCE because it is an irritant to the skin.  Ingredients like parabens and phthalates are considered by many to be  endocrine disruptors and you have lots going on in your body right now you don’t need chance it. Avoid  propylene glycol and triclosan (found also in hand sanitizers), sulfates too!  Read you labels because the one thing shared by all menopausal women is sensitive skin.  Each one will differ in what makes their skin more sensitive.

c.  You can add extra products but don’t pile on your ingredients on your face. Choose days when you will use your serums and treatment masks.  Keep it as simple as possible.  I just adore using rosewater from European roses and Rose hip oil (one of my serums) because my skin loves it!

d.  Add vitamin C as we spoke on our last show -it will help in collagen production.

e. Get regular check ups, and keep Gyn and mamo exams up-to-date.

6.  Attitude matters:

What you think about yourself matters.  Your self-talk is a mighty powerful tool and it can build you up or tear you down.  Take this time and consider it a “renewal” not a “breaking down time”.  This is your opportunity to shine the new you along with a fresh outlook on life.   Go outside of your comfort zone and do what some of the things that you have always wanted to do.  Hey, girlfriend, you are just getting started! Best wishes always!

Be well and happy!

Cieloscent xoxoxo

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