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S52: The Eyes Have It!

The eyes are the attention/focal point  of your face so you want to take extra care of this area.  Let’s talk about different  treatments that will keep our eye area healthy and beautiful.

1.  Eye treatments that absolutely work! 

Use an organic potato for tightening the skin area around your eyes.  Here’s how:

Place an organic potato in clean pure water and let it soak 3-4 hours. Don’t submerge in water, simply cover the bottom less than half of the potato.  Our objective is to allow the starch to leave the potato.  The potato starch will help smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and the added plus is reduce the puffiness if any. Take a cotton pad and place it in the water -squeeze out excess liquid and apply pads on your eyes.  Go ahead and place your feet up on a pillow and just relax for 15-20 minutes.  Meanwhile as you rest  the potato starch is actually penetrating your skin.  Another added plus is the lightening around your eyes (dark circles).    The reason that it lightens your skin is due the  enzyme: catecholase.  When exposed to the air catecholase oxidizes and becomes benzoquinone which is in the distant  family of hydroquinone. Many of you  may recall the buzz on the safety of  hydroquinone.

2. Shea Butter

A wonderful moisturizer!

3.  Cucumber Eye Mask

A most wonderful relaxing feeling to the eye area.  Reduces puffiness and  reduces the dark circles.

4.  Green Tea w/caffeine

Fabulous!  The tannins in the tea assist in tightening your skin by increasing blood circulation.  The caffeine in the tea shrink the blood vessels which reduces the  dark circles by increasing blood circulation.   keep tea bags for twenty minutes and resume normal activity.

5.  Avocado Oil

Excellent for dry skin and hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

As we age our skin (around our eyes too) begins to thin so it is imperative that we take EXTRA care for our eyes. Dark circles can add years to our face so treat them by being consistent.

Other Tips:

Get a good night’s sleep. makes a difference in skincare. It will help minimize those dark circles.

Don’t smoke.  the nicotine affects your blood flow and significantly reduces the collagen.

Your life style matters. Eat at a clean diet, drink your water and exercise.

Don’t squint! Squinting causes “crows feet”. This is part of what is called “motion” wrinkles for example laugh lines. Constantly stretching the skin in a certain area unnecessarily.

Apply your sunscreen! The eye creams do not contain sunscreen so apply gently  around your eyes.

Vitamin A is so super for all skin types

When applying eye cream use your ring finger for a more gentler touch.

Thank you for joining me today! Make it a great day! In our next show, we will make our very own moisturizer.

Be well & Happy

Cieloscent xoxo






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