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S54: Effectively Clean Your Make Up Brushes


Very Important to clean your brushes!

Ingredients you can use to clean your brushes. Tune in to our show and learn how to use these ingredients to clean your makeup brushes. Clean brushes protect your skin and help to apply your makeup smoothly. Bacteria builds up quickly on your brushes creating havoc on  your skin so please clean your brushes. 

Deep Cleaning Brushes and Daily brush cleanups.

1.  As you know, I love using Thayers Witch hazel on my skin.  When cleaning my brushes I use the Lemon scent.

2.  A great way to disinfect anything: Tree tea oil but odor very strong.  !/2 Teaspoon

3.  Olive oil to loosen and break up makeup debris. -1 teaspoon

4.  Dr Bronners 100 % Pure  Castile  Soap is certified vegan.  100% Plant oils.

5.  Be sure to clean your new brushes too!  When applying cleansing agent keep brushes facing down.

6.  When drying your brushes please do so in one direction and don’t lay flat. Roll up a towel and place your brushes in a slanted postion.

7. Alcohol can ruin your brushes depending on the company who manufactured your brush.

Brushes: Metal part of your brush is the:  Ferrule followed by the handle which gives your brush that support needed for easy application of makeup.  You don’t want to wet the point where the ferrule and handle meet because it will weaken the wood and break your expensive brush.

Deep Cleaning your brushes-Twice a month

Daily cleaning- use a spray bottle

Thank you for joining me today.

Be Well & Happy


HAPPY Thanksgiving Day!



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