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S55: Skin Health During Cancer Treatment


Sensitive and Dry Skin: Dehydration as a result of the treatments  causing  itchy, dry, irritated, and inflamed skin.

Skin reactions is  a result of the therapy and will vary from person to person. A rash is quite common during cancer treatment  and  as odd as this sounds is often a sign that therapy is working. The best way to handle skin problems is  upon the onset.  Dry and itchy skin is a frequent complaint .  Retaining Moisture is very important and here are a few recommendations:

-Connect with a great dermatologist who specializes in Oncology Skincare.

-Fragrance free products-no soaps. You do not want to further strip the natural oils of the skin.

-Do not take hot showers. Apply your favorite oil followed by a moisturizer to follow to seal in the moisture.  Avoid Excessive Heat nor steaming.

-MUST use sunscreen – You are sun sensitive and wear your hat and sunglasses

-Do not use scrubs-

-Visit an oncology esthetician: Products used are gentle and designed for your skin type at this time.

-Your skincare products should be simple, clean (no chemicals that dry your skin), fragrance free, retaining moisture is vital from the start.

-Include your lips in your skincare. The key word here is: Hydration-hydration and more hydration.

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