2 thoughts on “S62: Parabens In Our Skincare

  1. Great podcast. I started making handmade cosmetics in 2012. I never read the labels on my cosmetics, bath, and beauty products. Now…I cannot buy anything without reading the label. I found that one of the best ways to keep preservatives away from my handmade products is to eliminate any water-based ingredients. I also use airless pumps to dispense my liquid products. I became obsessed with looking up every ingredient on EWGs website. Parabens may not be considered harmful but they do cause certain skin irritations for those with super sensitive skin. If you’re using 3-4 everyday products loaded with parabens you’re more likely to experience a reaction. My best advice is to stay away from parabens and products that have tons of synthetic ingredients. There are so many options for all-natural products online via Etsy and other Indie websites. I hardly ever buy cosmetics, bath, or beauty products at retail stores anymore.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Your etsy store is just lovely! I will be sure to follow and share with our listeners! Yes, I absolutely agree that we must be diligent in reading our labels. Every single ingredient that is “questionable” accumulates along with other products we use throughout our day! Thank you so much for listening! I really appreciate it! Keep me posted on your product line! I am gathering guests for the fall, let me know if this is of interest to you! Thanks so much for connecting with me! I appreciate the work that you do, Jennifer! All the best! Sending smiles your way! Cieloscent

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