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S71: Sun Damage Repair

Listener question:

Hello, I’ve been enjoying your podcast and have a question for you. My chest had some color, like a sunburn but it’s been there for about a year.  I’m sure it’s Sun damage. Is there anything I can do to help heal that area return to my normal pigment? What sunscreens do you recommend?

Thank you So much!

Skincare coach cieloscent response: Listener keep us posted on your progress! Success to you!  47.15 MIN podcast.

Sunscreen/Sun Protection: There is no doubt that sun damage is the quickest way to age the skin.  Sun protection is key-no secret there but it’s important to apply to ALL areas of exposed skin and to reapply as directed. The chest is one of the areas many forget to either apply or reapply sunscreen.  Let’s talk sunscreen first: It is absolutely vital that you choose a sunscreen that states:

Broad spectrum or full spectrum  -this will  protect you from both UVA & UVB rays.  Sun protection Factor- SPF 30+ and the secret is to be generous in applying and re apply.  Make sure you have a great summer hat and sunglasses to further protect from the sun’s harmful rays. Consider adding a UV blocker umbrella if you need to walk in the peak sun hours.

Mineral Based Sunscreen recommendations: Look for either key words:  Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide-Active Ingredients

-Non-nano Badger sunscreen.  There are many in their selection-scented and unscented sunscreen products.  They even have one that repels bugs too.  This is a family owned company.   You can find this product at wholefoods or online such as amazon. prices vary $ 15+

Skin discoloration due to Sun Damage.  Skin Damage Bio 101 (the short version)

-UV rays actually jump start melanocytes.  Melanocytes are cells that contain melanin which is a type of pigment that bring color to parts of your body.  Hyperpigmentation from sun damage is a result of the over activity of melanin production. All this takes place in the lower layer of the epidermis. The tan you on your skin is the melanin protecting you from the over exposure of the UV rays.

Remedies: Least invasive

Kitchen cupboard skincare: Use at night –Ingredients needed: Exfoliate!

1.   Vitamin C (L-ascorbic)- a powerhouse however like vitamin E is unstable but work very well together.    Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate less irritating and more stable .

2.   Aloe Vera ( a healer) My favorite for repairing. Can be drying so make sure that you apply coconut oil, jojoba oil or your favorite moisturizer.

3.   (Vitamin E)- prevents free radical damage to skin from UV rays.  Applying Vitamin E actually penetrates the epidermis and dermis.

4.   Glycerin:  Yummy soft skin! 1-2 drops of glycerin  ( use a tiny funnel from Sally’s to transfer product into your bottle)

5.   Place your product in the fridge.  Add more aloe Vera gel if you want product to have a thicker consistency.

The “how to” make this recipe on Podcast.

2. On Amazon. You can use this product day and evening.  Great Reviews on amazon and I am really loving this right now.

3/.  Medical Practitioner intervention: More aggressive approaches: V-BEAM (Vascular Laser)  for redness, Chemical Peels, Retin-A, Retinol, laser-& other alternatives. Choose to do treatments in the winter.These treatments are generally sensitive to the sunlight. Consider visiting your skincare therapist to help you with mild/moderate Hyperpigmentation.

The above product is not dispensed in certain states.  This is Hydroquinone therapy. Check for availability in your state.  There are strict precautions associated with this product.  Make sure the medical practitioner is a board certified Aesthetic Physician.

Listen to our show today for complete audio message on today’s subject.

Please Use Your sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND! Soooooo important in your skincare!

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