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S-557: How The Skin Works-The Stratum Corneum

Exfoliation helps in the sloughing process. On this episode we chat about exfoliation. Our Healthy Habits  series:-Healthy Habits for Healthy Skin,  Healthy Habits for Healthy Aging, Healthy Habits For Healthy Homes, Healthy Habits For Healthy Eating, Healthy Habits for Healthy Brain.   We’re About Education, Empowerment & Community- Thank you for listening! Cieloscent-   You… Read More S-557: How The Skin Works-The Stratum Corneum

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S-136: Dry Face Brushing

*Complete message on today’s  podcast. Cieloscent Network for healing the body, mind and soul- (check out our other podcasts!) Thank you for joining me on today’s Podcast: Be well & happy! Cieloscent Your Skincare Educator Skincare Talk Recommendation:      How To Dry Brush