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S-791: Humectants

Skincare Talk Radio-Our Conversation today- “Humectants for skin” and community news. Here is the link where to find the clinical study that I mentioned on the podcast for your further education. – I appreciate your presence-Thank you for listening! Cieloscent- Your voice matters! -Please share your thoughts on Apple Podcasts or comment after this… Read More S-791: Humectants

Skincare Talk Radio by cieloscent

S-219: On The Spot Product Review: Our Brand New Segment! (Podcast) Absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this product line.  Beautiful Presentation and most important it works after the first application! I just loved it! Thank you! Carmen Milagro!  Looking forward to our guest interview! Skincare Talk Radio is part of, The Cieloscent Rosary Network :  Nourish The Body, Mind And Soul … Read More S-219: On The Spot Product Review: Our Brand New Segment!

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S-155: Manuka Honey Mask With Turmeric-DIY

A Skin care & Healthy Aging Podcast.  Life events affect the skin! “Manuka Honey Face Mask with Turmeric ”– A Healthy Aging Conversation  on Skincare Talk Radio.  We’re all About Holistic Skincare  & Healthy Aging.   Holistic Skincare and  Healthy Aging Conversations-”  Holistic  Skincare Educator, Cieloscent. (Hint)-Take out your Skincare Talk Radio Workbooks-Lots of information… Read More S-155: Manuka Honey Mask With Turmeric-DIY

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S08: Manuka Honey-Skincare From Our Kitchen Cupboard.

Show Highlights:  Manuka honey As A Mask.  Fabulous!  Always Test ANY product before placing it on your skin.There is  MG=Methylglyoxal which every honey product contains but Manuka honey has the highest amount.  Look for ACTIVE 16 or lowest 12 and it is from New Zealand.Antibacterial, Antimicrobial and  Anti-inflammatory.  Makes a gentle and wonderful exfoliating agent.… Read More S08: Manuka Honey-Skincare From Our Kitchen Cupboard.