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S-621: Organization & Leadership for Beauty Professionals

Organization and leadership for beauty professionals. Beauty Leadership. A Cieloscent Recommendation-Ms. Toye Johnson-Vincent  https://www.tjvempowersu.com/testimonials/ Thank you for listening! Cieloscent/Host Brand New  Twitter- https://twitter.com/cieloscent Cieloscent Talk Network  http://rosary.cieloscent.com Apple Podcast Review- Thank you for sharing your love for our community! APPLE Podcast link October 5, 2018- 12 pm/New York

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S-564: Why I Quit Social Media

Why I Quit Social Media.  Check out Our Healthy Habits  for Healthy Living series.     We’re about Education, Empowerment & Community– Use Your Life Platform For Good-podcast Thank you for listening! Cieloscent – Cieloscent/Host & Skincare Educator- Cieloscent TALK Network-PODCASTS (3)

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S-377: Building Skincare Talk Radio Community

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